Greetings from Green North Carolina

Greetings from Green NC showcases the local cuisine, sustainable architecture, artists and artistry within walking distance of the electrical vehicle charging stations (EVCS)  that are increasingly becoming fixtures in the Triangle and State of NC. The charging stations will serve as pivot points for segments highlighting sustainable and green venues that are defining a forward facing “Green South.” Combined with the occasional eco-friendly destination off the “charging-station grid,” we are set to turn-in, tweet-out and blog about these new green south adventures.

Greetings! I am Sandra Simpson, affectionally known as ‘Southern Sandra’. While it is true, I do love all things Southern, my South is peppered with vegetarian collards and supporting sustainable lifestyles. Healthy, organic is what rings my dinner-bell.  A man with solar panels is what I find sexy.  And when it comes to living green, the South is shinning again!  So please join me as I tour the green south starting right here in my beloved home state of North Carolina.