Make Mine a Green Wedding, Ideas for Local Flowers

Local farmer Erin Weston makes beautiful natural decorations for weddings that are both white and green.  Most often she uses bouquets of straight magnolia grown at her farm in Garner NC, or mixed with her own garden’s white hydrangeas, or with whatever is currently gorgeous in the family garden.  Heart-shaped magnolia wreaths (perfect for the doors of the wedding chapel) are a favorite.  When decorating for a wedding, she often uses live plants.  This way, after the wedding the plants work beautifully being planted into the new couple’s landscape, or as potted plants, or as gifts to the wedding party.

Recently Erin used a bride’s grandmother’s vintage milk glass collection, filling several of the antique milk-white vases with live plants.  They stood center table on khaki table cloths with shells and driftwood picked up on the couple’s prior beach trips. A small amount of live green moss was added for pop and fill-in where necessary.  Also featured were conch shells (so rarely found that the bride and groom could recount where every one was discovered) and clear glass containers with layers of beach sand.  The total effect was unique and personal.

For another wedding, a bride was distraught to find her grandmother’s wedding dress badly damaged during storage, seemingly ruining her plans to wear it for her own celebration.  But Erin came to the rescue, offering to salvage pieces of the damaged gown and veil for a new creation. She utilized the antique lace to wrap the stems of her bouquet, and additionally used just the right amount of organza to trail down the arrangement.  As always, she suggested making a memento of the the bridal and bridesmaid’s bouquets, fashioning a dried keepsake wreath from them.

Erin’s bouquets are always from natural or recycled materials found nearby.   Coming up with creative ideas for her bouquets and other creations is second nature to Erin.

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