Mother Earth Picks Favorite RTP Art Exhibits

Out doors at the NC Museum of Art is one of the top TEN Earth Month to-dos.  Top on my list of things to see while visiting is Thomas Sayre’s circle sculpture, Gyre.

Raleigh resident and internationally acclaimed sculpture Thomas Sayre uses the earth as molds for his earth castings, avoiding the need for creating and discarding heavy metal molds.  Another benefit of casting the mold in the earth is that when the sculpture is complete and removed from the earth, the new plants that grow back there are healthier than ever.  This particular piece is placed for public viewing at the NC Museum of Art For a virtual visit art (placed around the world)  Be sure to click on EarthCast, there is an amazing photo of Thomas and Gyre at sunset. Really this photo should be everyones screen saver….your green gal on the go, Southern Sandra